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Space Resources Laboratory is a space subsystem provider specialising in the production of Small Satellite subsystems. Our products and services include Satellite Integration, Launch Services, Ground Services and Subsystems including CubeSat platforms, PocketQube platforms, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, Power systems for satellites and Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems.

We were founded in 2019 by Subham Gupta and have our Headquarters in Cranfield University, UK. The company was founded with a vision to provide access to space to everyone. We are achieving this by utilising the advancements in CubeSat technology and Additive Manufacturing (Metal 3D printing).

Our Mission:

"Innovative Engineering for your accessibility to Space"

It has been over 50 years since Man first stepped on the moon, yet space remains accessible only to the elite class. We at Space Resources Laboratory believe space is for everyone and it is time to end this stereotype and make space affordable for everyone. We aim to achieve this by overcoming the two main barriers for easy access to space for everyone, cost and time. Our team is performing extraordinary engineering in the field of space technology and aims to slice down the cost of spacecraft subsystems by a large margin. Advancements in the field of additive manufacturing has enabled us to produce complex structures with very little lead times and hence go for rapid prototyping.



SRL partners with Phoenix Launch Systems

15 August, 2020

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Phoenix Launch Systems. Phoenix Launch Systems aims to miniaturise and mass-produce launch vehicle technology to revolutionise access to space. We look forward to soon seeing our spacecrafts launched in one of your launch vehicles.

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Our Team



CEO & Founder

Subham is the CEO & Founder of Space Resources Laboratory. He holds a master's in Astronautics and Space Engineering and bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. He has been endorsed as an Exceptional Talent by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the UK Government. He previously served as the CTO for Asteroid Mining Corporation.


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Vyom Aggarwal is the CTO of Space Resources Laboratory Ltd. and is currently leading the Controls Department of PRoject Aryabhat. He holds a master's in Automotive Engineering and bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. His fields of expertise are Autonomous Control Systems, Mechanical Systems Engineering.


Propulsion System MSc Student

Miguel is working on Project Aryabhat to design a micro-propulsion system to be used for Attitude Control of Small Satellites. He is a student at Cranfield University and is performing the tasks as a part of his MSc thesis for Astronautics and Space Engineering.


Our Partners



Barclays Eagle Lab, 1 Medway Ct, Cranfield, Wharley End, Bedford MK43 0FQ, United Kingdom

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