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Are you looking for a challenging career in space? Whether you are seeking your next job role, internship, apprenticeship, MSc thesis opportunities, we have the right opportunity for you to get involved in space


Open Positions

Looking for challenging full time job in the space industry? Check out our opportunities here.

Our MSc Thesis programmes are live. If you are looking to work on one of our on-going projects as a part of your MSc Thesis, search for a suitable project here and apply online.

Work Experience

We offer work experience for students aged 16 to 20. If you are looking to earn experience in the Space Industry, kindly get in touch with us.

Unpaid Executive Roles

We are looking for experts in the Aerospace Industry to help us grow to unmatched heights. We are in our starting phase and are looking for people to join the C-Roles. We are only looking for volunteers currently as we are in our initial stages. Do get in touch with us if you believe you are the right fit for our C-roles. Current openings are for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).