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Marketing in Small Satellite Industry

About us

Space Resources Laboratory is a space subsystem provider with focus on the small satellite industry. Our products include CubeSat platforms, CubeSat deployers, Micropropulsion systems etc. SRL was recently named as the Aerospace Company of the Year 2022. Our aim is to exploit the small satellite industry and make space more accessible to everyone.

Project Description

We are looking for a marketing individual currently pursuing master’s from the School of Management at a UK based University. This is a unique opportunity for the ideal candidate to understand the space market and develop marketing strategies.


  • Study the market in the space industry

  • Understand the fraction of small space market

  • Communicate with article publishers, content writers and media publications

  • Prepare press release for future

  • Prepare articles to be submitted to various channels of marketing

  • Prepare marketing documents and presentations


Essential Skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office tools

  • Document writing on LaTeX


Optional Skills

  • Ability to work with animation design tools such as Cinema4D, 3DSMAX, MAYA or BLENDER (ideal).



To apply for this role please send an email with your updated CV and a dedicated cover letter to

Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK

MSc Thesis Project


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