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Development of a Compact Battery Module for CubeSats

About us

Space Resources Laboratory is a space subsystem provider specialising in propulsion systems for nanosatellites. Our products and services include Satellite Integration, Launch Services, Ground Services and Subsystems including CubeSat platforms, PocketQube platforms, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, Power systems for satellites and Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) systems.

Project Description

We are looking to recruit for an Electrical Power Systems Internship role advertised as a part of the MSc Thesis Project. This project is to develop a battery module for CubeSats. This is a unique opportunity for individuals interested in gaining experience in the space industry with the potential of converting this internship into a full-time role.


  • Research on existing CubeSat battery modules

  • Hardware development using mixed signal boards

  • Hardware debugging and testing

  • Electric Circuit Drawings and PCB design

  • PCB development and soldering ICs

  • Analytical decision making by quantification

  • Regular meetings with different departments

  • Regular reporting to point of contact

  • Technical documentation based on company standards


Essential Skills

  • Thorough understanding subject matter

  • Experience with electrical and electronic components

  • Embedded coding skills

  • Ability to work with open source tools

  • Ability to take charge on technical development

  • Ability to work on-site


Optional Skills

  • Animation design tools such as blender, Cinema4D, 3DSMAX

  • 3D printing experience

  • Ability to use LaTeX


To apply for this role please send an email with your updated CV and a dedicated cover letter to

Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK

MSc Thesis Project


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