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Exploring the Boundless Possibilities: CEO at the International Space Convention 2022

We are excited to share that our CEO, Subham Gupta, recently had the honour of speaking at the International Space Convention 2022 in Bursa, Turkey. The convention, which took place in September 2022, brought together industry leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in space technology and exploration.

Mr. Gupta gave a thought-provoking talk on the topic of "Exploiting the Benefits of the CubeSat Industry." He discussed the ways in which these small satellites can be utilised to benefit various industries, such as telecommunications, earth observation, and scientific research. He highlighted the cost-effectiveness and versatility of CubeSat and how they are becoming a popular choice for space research and experimentation.

During his talk, our CEO, Subham Gupta, also touched on the subject of space debris prevention and how the products and solutions developed at our Space Resources Laboratory can contribute to this important effort. He discussed the various technologies that we are working on, such as advanced propulsion systems and end-of-life disposal methods, that can help reduce the amount of debris in orbit. He also highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing the issue of space debris and how our laboratory is working with other organisations to develop more effective prevention measures.

In addition to his talk, Mr. Gupta also participated in a panel discussion on the impacts of space debris and their prevention methodologies. He shared his insights on the current challenges and potential solutions for mitigating the problem of space debris, which is an important issue for the sustainability of the space environment.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for our CEO to share his expertise and contribute to the ongoing conversation about the future of space exploration and technology. We are proud of Mr. Gupta's participation in such a prestigious event and look forward to his continued leadership in the industry.

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